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1Potential Use of Human Urine as Attractant to Tephritid Fruit Flies in SudanMohammed E.E. Mahmoud, Mohamed A. O. Kambal and Sumaia M. A. AbuKashawaAbstract
2Comparative Study of Conventional and Modified Type of Bee HiveKhawer Jawad Ahmad, Khalida Hamid Abbasi, Muhammad Shafiq, Asif Razzaq, Muhammad Saleem and Muhammad Arshad UllahAbstract
3Evaluation of Interspecific Interaction Between Encarsia lutea and Eretomocerus near mundus, the Parasitoids of Cotton Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) by Host Plants and Host InsectsKhalida Hamid Abbasi, Muhammad Ashraf Poswal, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Arshad Ullah, Saadia Bano and Saeeda KhanumAbstract
4Effect of Application Time of Drought Stress on Sugar Beet )Beta vulgaris L.) Quality and YieldFadi Abbas, Entessar AL-Jbawi and Ghassan Al-LahhamAbstract