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1Survey for Identification and Incidence Evaluation of Dominant Pests on Mangoes Mangifera indica (L.) in Some Parts of Southern Sinnar State, SudanAhmed Abdel Moniem Abdel RazigAbstract
2Population Dynamics of Spotted Stem Borer Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) on Some Maize Zea mays (L.) Varieties at Rahad Area, SudanAhmed Abdel Moniem Abdel Razig and Jamal IshagAbstract
3Efficacy of Defender 2% WS (tebuconazole) and Imidal 70 WS (imidacloprid) to Control Damping-off Diseases and Early Insect Pests in Sesame in Rain Fed AreasAnas A. Fadlelmula and Elsafi M. M. AhmedAbstract
4Fruit Fly Species, Their Distribution, Host Range and Seasonal Abundance in Blue Nile State, SudanAnas Ahmed Fadlelmula1* and Eltayeb Breima Mohammed Ali2Abstract
5Evaluation of Different Chickpea Genotypes for Resistance Against Pod Borer, Helicoverpa armiger (Hub.) (Lepdoptera: Noctuidae) under Field Conditions, SudanAymen Elamein Ali and Amal Adam MohamedAbstract
6Differential Response of Some Sorghum Varieties and Planting date to Sorghum Stemborer Chilo partellus Incidence - South KordofanEisa Y. Adam and Ali E. AliAbstract
7Effect of Neem Plant Azadirachta indica, Seed and Neem Leaf Extract and the Phenyl Balls against Wax Moth Galleria mellonella (L.) (Pidoptera: Pyralidae) ControlKhawer Jawad Ahmad, Muhammad Shafiq, Khalida Hamid Abbasi, Asif Razzaq 1Muhammad Saleem and Muhammad Arshad UllahAbstract
8Effects of Botanical Extracts of Neem(Azadirachta indica) and Jatropha (Jatropha curcus) on Eggs and Larvae of Tomato Leaf Miner, Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)Nada Elshiekh M. Kona, Awad K. Taha and Mohammed E. E. MahmoudAbstract
9Effectiveness of Leaf Rust in Various Wheat Varieties at Different Agro-ecological Zones of Balochistan, Pakistan Nadil Shah, Sana Ullah Baloch, Shahbaz Khan Baloch, Akram Saleh, Rahim Dad, and Hasil Aslam BalochAbstract
10Pathogeniciity Test and Inoculum Level of Fusarium Wilt of Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)Nadil Shah, Mohammad Mithal JiskaniAbstract
11Weed Population Dynamics and Control in Conservation Tillage SystemsSongül Gürsoy and Cumali ÖzaslanAbstract
12Review of Successful Degraded Land Rehabilitation Activities and Technologies Adopted in NepalGovinda BhandariAbstract
13Effect of Aqueous Extracts of Some Medicinal Plants in Controlling Anthracnose Disease and Improving Postharvest Quality of Mango FruitKumlachew Alemu, Amare Ayalew and Kebede WoldetsadikAbstract