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1.Effect Of Pruning Intervals On The Quality And Production Of Rose,Rosa Indica LAbdullah Notani,Shahbaz Khan Baloch,Ayoub Baloch,Waseem Bashir,Arain. A. R. and Suliman A. Ibrahim AliAbstract
2Effect Of Irrigation Scheduling On The Growth and Harvest Index Of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Verities.Hasil Aslam,Muhammad Ali Ansari,Shahbaz Khan Baloch,Sana Ullah Baloch,and Akram Salah BalochAbstract
3Influence of Different Sowing Intervals and Seedling Methods on the Germination, Growth and Yield of Wheat Variety T.D-1Waseem Bashir , Muhammad Ali Ansari, Abdullah Notani3 and Farid AkberAbstract
4Response Of Two Hybrid Sunflower Genotypes To Applied Different Levels Of Soil PotassiumM. A. Chhajro, Zia- ul- hassan1, A. N. Shah, K. H. Talpur and K. A. KubarAbstract
5Impact of Sett Placement Methodsand Row Directionson Growth and Yield of Sugarcane Variety LRK-2001Abdul ShakoorRuk, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro, Shahbaz Khan Baloch Sana UllahBalochand Allah BakhshBalochAbstract
6Effect of Integrated Applications of Urea and FYM on the Fodder Yield of Maize,Zea mays LKamranMalghani,H. UR. R. Memon,S. K. Baloch,Akaram.S. S. Muhammed,Sanaullah Baloch and Nadil ShahAbstract
7Effects of Sowing Dates and Sorghum Varieties On The Incidence Of Sorghum Midge, Stenodiplosis sorghicola (Coq) at Abu-Naama, Sudan.Aymen Elamein Ali Mansour and Mohammed E. E. MahmoudAbstract
8Estimation Of Field Biotic Index and Water Quality Of Abbasabad Dam (Yazd province) In Summer Season Using Aquatic Insects FaunaMehdi Zare Khormizi,Hamideh pourbehi,Amir Biranvand,Amir Ansari pour
Shadi Maleki,Jahanshir Shakarami,
9Biological studies on The Ground Nut Seed Beetle Caryedon serratus (Coloeoptera:Bruchidae). Ahmed Abdel Moniem Abdel RazigAbstract
10A Preliminary Study on Fauna of Thysanoptera in Abdanan (Ilam Province).Majid Mirab-balou, Behzad Miri, Rahim Allahyar and Mohammad PoorkashkooliAbstract
11Introducing of some Thrips Species From Choqa-Sabz Forest Park, Ilam Province.Majid Mirab-balou, Khoshnood Nourollahi and Rouhollah RadjabiAbstract