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1Biological Control of Wheat Diseases Caused by Bipolaris sorokiniana, Fusarium graminearum and Aspergillus flavus with Antagonist’s of Trichoderma spp.Md. Mahmodol HasanAbstract
2Genetic Variation of Fusarium solani Isolates Based on RAPD-PCR AnalysisHatem Mostafa Younes, Nuria Ali Elamri and Issa Saleh FaragAbstract
3In vitro Production of Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Helicoverpa armigeraNeeta Sharma and Ritu SrivastavaAbstract
4Survey and Monitoring of Some Tephritidae of Fruit Trees and Their Host Range in River Nile State, SudanSuliman A. Ibrahim Ali, Mohammed E. E. Mahmoud, Wang Man-Qun and Diakite Mory MandianaAbstract
5Varietal Preference and Management of Bean Aphid, Aphis Craccivora (Koch)Rafsia Jahan, Mohammad Mahir Uddin, Md. Mahbubur Rahman and Md. Azizul HaqueAbstract
6Incidence of the Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) on Two Cotton Varieties, Pubescent and Glabrous Grown under Field Conditions in SudanAbdalla. M. Abdalla Salim, El-Imam El-khidir and Suliman Abdalla. I. AliAbstract
7Host Preference of the Melon Worm, Diaphania hyalinata L. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), on Cucurbits in Gezira State, SudanMohaned, M. A. Mohamed, Mohamed, H. Zein Elabdeen and Suliman Abdalla I. AliAbstract
8Anti-typhoid Activity of Adhatoda vasica and Vitex negundoManoj Kumar, Sukumar Dandapat, Amit Kumarand M. P. SinhaAbstract
9Assessment of the Performance of Different Botanicals and Chemical Insecticides in Controlling Red Pumpkin Beetle Aulacophora foveicollis (Lucas).Md. Shawkat osman, Dr. Mohammad Mahir Uddin and Saleh Mohammad AdnanAbstract
10Effectiveness of Some Pesticides Against Cacopsylla pyricola (F.) and Impact on its Predator Anthocoris nemoralis (F.) in Pear OrchardBassam Oudeh, Wajeeh Kassis and Randa Abu-TaraAbstract